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Dear Colleagues,

           This is part of our RESA (RA 9646) advocacy. As you noticed there are more illegals on the internet than there are legitimate Real Estate Service Professionals. I noticed that many REBs (as we are the most number among RESPs) are also not as techie as many of the illegals, so I created websites as alternative site where the public can find us, the legitimate RESPs, to help them with their real estate needs, not only in selling or buying but also with documentation services among other related services. 

            These websites aim to promote the Real Estate Service Professionals by presenting to the public our basic information, our credentials, expertise and the kinds of services we can render them as Real Estate Service Professionals. In addition, RESPs can make use of their webpages as their websites as we are offering not only a profile page ( but also property site ( where you can advertise your listings. We will do the posting for you. All you need is to email us your listings. 

              We also have our main directory ( website which has the list of all the licensed Real Estate Service Professionals, where you can verify names of RESP easily through their first name or family name, location or association. This website needs to be revived as our software became obsolete. Your subscription will help bring it back as we have now a large data base consisting of more than 32,000 REBs, 10,000+ REAs, 260+ RECs and 23,000 Salespersons. We want their names be available for the public to view easily so that the public and you as licensed practitioners can avoid dealing with illegals. We are undergoing upgrading of these sites and your subscription will help fund these directories.          

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Our Subscription Rates for Directory Sites:

Effective November 1, 2019

Special rate exclusively for Appraisers and Consultants only and not a Licensed Broker

Only P1,000/year or 12 months

For Brokers

Basic:          P1,500/year or 12 months

1 Profile page at
5 listings free 6 months

If you are double or triple Licensed as Appraiser and Consultant, you will also be listed on the Appraisers and Consultants Page free of charge.

For our MLS site:

  1. Regular Subscription: P1,500 for 6 months or 180 days

10 listings +5 free Basic  total of 15 listings – send through email only to No access to site

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  • Your Profession: if REB / REA /REC please indicate all license numbers. EX : REB 2309 / REA 5754 / REC 92For HLURB - indicate Region then number
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  • Please indicate your specialization:
  • Please submit latest original photo in business attire. (not in party dress or costumes). You may take a selfie in your business attire and send original picture. Please avoid sending old photos. If you cannot upload here, please email your photo to
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • You may also compose a short introduction about yourself. Your experience and qualification, why a buyer or a seller will hire your services as a Real Estate Broker/Appraiser or Consultant.
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