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Dear Colleagues,

           RA 9646 has been a law since 2009 and we thought that with the passage of this law, our industry will be better and free of illegals. It’s been 11 years and it is even worse than before. It seemed we are left to fend for ourselves as we observe the law while our regulators are helpless or just watching and ignoring illegals under their noses. I have been an anti-‘colorum’ advocate since 1993 and we were there in Batasan attending committee meetings but for more than 20 years, our lawmakers seemed unable to pass it as a law. Finally, in 2009, with the help of some proponents from the Dept. of Finance, we have the RESA (RA 9646)! (It’s another story). 

It is now 2020 and we are more helpless than we were at DTI than now that we are under PRC and illegals grew more than four or five times our number as legitimate RESPs. What is more disappointing is that many of our colleagues are the cuddlers and enablers of these illegals and are friends to the regulators. All of our national real estate boards are also not lifting a finger. It is that desperation to what is happening to our profession that motivated me to single-handedly create these websites directories so that the public can find legitimate real estate service professionals or verify if someone comes to them offering properties or their services to sell their properties and to be of service to our profession and industry. Although I have been compiling names since 1993 from DTI, it was in 2010 when I registered five domains with the phrase ‘realestatedirectory’ on it. I funded it from my own pocket and slowly build these sites. I hired IT professionals and pay them from commissions I earned and do the rest of the work like encoding, uploading, correcting, creating contents, blogs, and gathered informative materials useful to the real estate professionals.  

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