Hywel Jose T. Vergara (Atty)

  • Real Estate Broker License Number: 28927
  • Real Estate Appraiser License Number: 8178
  • Certified Public Accountant: 128350
  • Roll of Attorneys No. 68484
  • Phone Number: 09178234529
  • Landline: (02) 8930-2023
  • Address:  Scout Limabaga, Brgy. Laging Handa, QC
  • Email Address:


Atty Hywel Jose T. Vergara, CPA REA REB EnP graduated Cum Laude from UST AMV College of Accountancy in 2009, passed the CPA Board Exam right away and proceeded to work at SGV & Co where he trained until 2011 and then enrolled to Ateneo Law School. He was a part-time working CPA back then while studying law and successfully became a Real Estate Appraiser in 2015, Real Estate Broker in 2016 and passed the immediate Bar Exam after graduating as a Juris Doctor in 2016. He also passed the EnP Board Exam on 2018.

He is now your CPA-Lawyer REA REB EnP!

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